Fast and good, the street food revolution

Fast and good, the street food revolution

Fast and good, the street food revolution

This year, the Big Mac, McDonald’s most famous snack, celebrates its 50th anniversary. But fast food is not limited to multinationals who quickly understood that the world is as round as a burger bun. Now, fast food does not necessarily rhyme with junk food, on the contrary. For several years now, chefs have been seeking to reclaim a cuisine that is closer to the people, healthy and inexpensive, by settling, in particular, on the sidewalks of major cities. Contrary to popular belief, “street food” can offer a tasty moment that has nothing to envy to haute cuisine. It is even a philosophy that has the virtue of raising street food to the rank of art accessible to the greatest number. The Fast and good web series maliciously attempts to demystify fast food. “It is now possible to taste a taco in Copenhagen as good as in Mexico”, explain the authors.

Ultravitaminated assembly

The series, broadcast on the website of the Arte chain, gives voice to American or French chefs and food critics who help to decipher the culinary and cultural codes of street food. These seven episodes (six minutes each) in ultra-vitamin editing show cooks who, “in the street and in front of their customers, are increasingly free from the pressure and rigid ceremonial of large restaurants to offer recipes that speak everyone, ” commented the authors.

The goal for them is to offer the best pizzas, noodles, or other burgers, made with high-quality ingredients. Because even the simplest dishes in appearance are extremely worked.

But all is not rosy in street food: critics regret that cook is not interested enough in traditional French recipes, such as Lorraine quiche or ham and butter, abandoning them in favor of burgers or brownies.

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