NEWERA is a dreamed near future inspired from sci-fi movies that were using brutalist architecture as set decorum. Far from the utopian commercial fantasy of what our future is supposed to look like, it depicts a much more relatable environment for the new generation. Fatalistic yet hopeful, that dream is made of consciousness and struggle. NEWERA is a manifesto fantasying the alliance of the « oppressed » minorities against a « privileged » majority which representation continuously portrayed as the role model of society neglectfully created a hierarchization of individuals based on their characteristics. NEWERA dreams the rebellion of the allied intersectionality. Georgia embodies a fierce androgynous revengeful woman inspired from Luc Besson’s heroines - Nikita, Leeloo Dallas or Mathilda - minus the objectification of their sexuality. While we witnessed in 2020, a change towards the right direction with brands featuring more persons of color, NEWERA challenges them. Is that change organic or opportunistic? Is a model skin tone dark enough so a brand can claim itself inclusive? Is there more to gender fluidity than just styling men’s clothes on a woman? Are we simplifying complex concepts to exploit them visually? Are we underestimating the readers’ maturity? Nina Simone once said, « An artist’s duty, as far as I am concerned, is to reflect the times ». It is still true nowadays, but artists also have the responsibility to be WOK, to anticipate how their reveries or craft will impact society. NEWERA aims at developing elaborated characters, portraying minorities not for their differences or just as models but as real thought-through personas to install new visual references in our common culture. « This is the world you made for yourself, now I have to live in it » Nina Simone NEWERA @newera_x for @numero_netherlands Photographer/Director @thibault_theodore / Talents: @georgiapalmer @imgmodels @georginagrenville @nextmodels / Art Director / Set Design / Writer : @nicola_Scarlino / Fashion Director: @lisajarvis_stylist / Casting Director: @ikki_casting / Production: @weird_fishes_studio / EIC @timiletonja / Hair Stylist : @chiaochenet @bryantartists / Make Up / Artist: @auroregibrien @bryantartists / Nail Artist: @cameleongles / Market Editor: @itsmerazzieMusic and Sound Composition: @hawn Digital DOP: @cheynetd / Analog DOP: @maximeberger_ / Video Editing: @cheynetd / 1st Assistant: @maellejoigne / 2nd Assistant : @_philippe_rodrigues_ / Stylist Assistants: @nina.meziani @stefaniamosca1 / Set Assistant: @aminbidar / Analog Camera Assistant: @playquentin / Steadycam: @arthurdilouya / Sound Engineer: Sylvain Dumaine / Color Grading @eudesquittelier